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Waco Civil Rights Lawyers Defend Cherished Freedoms

Established Texas law firm asserts fundamental rights

The American system is founded upon ideals of individual liberty and the proposition that all people are equal and deserve equal protection under the law. Your civil rights are fundamental protections from an overreach of government power and certain unlawful conduct by private parties. The Law Offices of R. John Cullar stands firm against unjust, demeaning and discriminatory practices. John Cullar works diligently to investigate incidents of unlawful treatment to build an effective case for relief. With more than 33 years of experience, John Cullar thoroughly understands the laws related to your civil rights, and handles all types of state and federal claims. John Cullar provides a calm reassurance to clients seeking reliable legal advice and determined representation. He has a solid record of success in obtaining injunctive relief in the form of court orders to end violations, as well as monetary damages for certain types of egregious mistreatment.

Staunch advocates for your individual freedoms

The U.S. Constitution limits the power of the federal government and specifically reserves certain rights to the people through the first 10 Amendments, which comprise the Bill of Rights. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution forces state governments to honor these rights as well. If an incisive investigation reveals evidence that an agent of federal, state, or local government has violated your rights, John Cullar can advise you on a course of action. We handle claims relating to:

  • First Amendment — Citizens and legal residents have the freedom to practice their religion, speak and publish without interference, petition their government, assemble peaceably to protest, and associate with whomever they please, all without fear of reprisal.
  • Second Amendment — Citizens and legal residents have the right to bear firearms.
  • Fourth Amendment — Citizens and legal residents are protected from unreasonable search and seizure.
  • Fifth Amendment — Citizens and legal residents cannot be forced to testify against themselves. They cannot be charged with the same crime twice. Government cannot take property without due process and fair compensation.
  • Sixth Amendment — Citizens and legal residents have the right to a fair and speedy trial by a jury of their peers.
  • Eighth Amendment — Citizens and legal residents cannot be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.
  • 14th Amendment — Citizens and legal residents have the right to equal protection under the law.

Depending on the facts of a case, certain due process protections may apply to undocumented residents as they do to citizens and legal residents.

State and federal statutes enforce civil rights against employers and other private parties

The landmark Civil Rights Act of 1965 removed many barriers to equal protection that existed due to state laws that had institutionalized discrimination. Since then, Congress has passed additional protections to outlaw discriminatory practices. The Law Offices of R. John Cullar manages claims of discrimination related to any of the following:

  • Age (ADEA)
  • Disability (ADA)
  • Equal compensation (Title VII, EPA, Lily Ledbetter Act, FLSA)
  • Genetic information (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008)
  • National origin (Title VII)
  • Pregnancy (Title VII, FMLA)
  • Race or ethnicity (Title VII)
  • Religion (Title VII)
  • Gender (Title VII)
  • Sexual harassment (Title VII)
  • Workplace retaliation (Title VII, ADEA, ADA, EPA)

If you’ve experienced discrimination, you should consult a knowledgeable attorney as quickly as possible. Failure to file your claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within the statutory filing period may cost you the right to have your case heard.

Contact an established civil rights attorney for reliable advocacy

John Cullar is ready to discuss your civil rights case. He is prepared to pursue civil rights claims before state and federal courts in Waco, and throughout Texas. Contact John Cullar at 254-655-5090 or online to schedule a consultation.

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